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About Us

At Momochild we aim to provide an online one-stop shop service to our customers. As a pet owner of five, we believe pets not only bring us joy and happiness, we also view them as members of the family who deserve boundless love and care. Hence, we are dedicated to offer the widest range of pet products worldwide and a complete selection of pet-related products including foods, toys, supplements and any other tools. For a convenient and confident online shopping experience, we provide delivery service after every purchase. All products we sell are guaranteed as authorised dealer imported.

We keep putting ourselves into Animal’s perspective to provide the most suitable and comprehensive pet-related products for you and your pets, also we aim to create the best shopping experiences and customer service. Our goal is to understand the needs of every customer and their own pets to form a good, lifelong relationship.

We strive to promote animal rights and animal welfare. We aim to facilitate the public education on animal care and responsible pet ownership through our website promotions and services. Part of our proceeds will be donated to charitable animal organisations regularly.

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